E-Mail Marketing: Useful Tips for Beginners

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Converting online leads into loyal customers is a tough challenge to small business owners doing business online.

You invest in improving your online presence by launching a website, maintaining social media accounts, running a blog, and implementing other digital marketing strategies.

Your website traffic is slowly picking up, but sales remain dismal. You’re probably missing out on one thing – email marketing.

While some people think that email marketing is passé, 2018 data shows otherwise. Email marketing remains the most effective marketing campaign, outranking social media marketing, SEO and content marketing. In terms of return on investment, this digital marketing method proves practical considering its remarkable ROI of $38 for every $1 spent on email marketing.

Email marketing enables you to directly connect and engage with your leads, personalizing your message, and converting them into raving customers. This direct method of marketing, combined with the widespread usage of email, makes it very successful.

But while email marketing is a tried and tested method, most business owners, particularly beginners, don’t know how to effectively use it.

Email Marketing Tips

Below we list down useful tips to get you started with email marketing.

  • Make it easy to subscribe to your email list through your social media accounts and website. Simplify the process of signing up and never use multi-page forms. If possible, use a simple tick box for signing up into your email list.
  • Encourage your email recipients to reply by trying to personalize your message. Never send email newsletters that come with a “no-reply” email address. Engaging with you and your company is vital to successfully market your products or services.
  • Make your emails readable. Use a writing style that can be quickly scanned by the recipient. This means you need to use headlines, bulleted lists, concise paragraphs, and reader-appropriate language.
  • Regularly clean up your email contact list through the use of email validator services, such as Byteplant, and making unsubscribe easy. Removing faulty email addresses minimizes bounce emails and improves email deliverability.
  • Keep your email professional yet personal. Don’t send overly formal business letters as they can be very boring to the reader.
  • Make emails more personal by adding a person’s name in the “from” line aside from the company name. Our inbox receives tons of emails every day and those that contain only a company name immediately come out as marketing emails. There’s a high chance that these messages would be filtered out and never opened by the recipient.
  • Categorize your email recipients into subsets, such as through demographics, location, interests, etc. Don’t send the same, boring email to everyone. Create targeted and segmented email messages for best results.
  • Don’t send an email without testing it. Make sure that you personally read the email: its content, layout, and compatibility with different platforms. Check if the links are working.
  • Proofread your email. You’re not just checking for any typo errors but also reviewing any incorrect information. Some subscribers may be turned off by these errors, as they can reflect the way your business works.
  • Create responsive emails compatible with different platforms, especially mobile devices.
  • Send out a welcome email to your new subscribers. This email marks your very first interaction with your subscriber so make sure it’s on point.


Email marketing may seem like a lot of work at first but in reality, it isn’t that hard. Hopefully, these tips can help you start with your email marketing efforts.

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