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The importance of keyword research for SEO is impossible to overestimate. Keyword research is the foundation of the SEO strategy for any website. The right approach to keyword research dictates the website’s success during an organic search. Since keyword research requires operating large amounts of data, which need to be filtered and structured, it is important to choose the right tool that can help you do it efficiently. Today we’ll tell you about a powerful tool for keyword research called KeyCollector.

KeyCollector is an extremely versatile software. Its main goal is to simplify the keyword research process as well as improve such tasks as filtration, cleaning, and clustering of the keywords.

KeyCollector has been on the market for over 6 years. However, only a few SEO specialists use it beyond the Russian Internet borders. This is an unfortunate oversight since the possibilities this software offers are astonishing.

So what can the KeyCollector do?

  • Collect keywords from Google Keyword Planner, including information about frequency and competition.
  • Collect data from search suggestions (Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube).
  • Collect similar searches from Google.
  • Collect statistics from Google Analytics.
  • Collect statistics data from SEMRush and SERPstat.
  • Work with any CSV imported keywords.
  • Group words.
  • Delete hidden repetitions.
  • Sort keywords.
  • Calculate KEI (keyword effectiveness index).
  • And much more.

First of all, you need to create a project for your keyword research. After the project is made, you get access to all the features. Let’s go through the software interface.

At the top, you can see:

• Buttons that help create, open, and save the project.
• Button for data export to Excel.
• The software settings button.
• Automatic data-filled column visibility settings (when the button is pressed, only columns containing data remain visible).

Below you can see the tabs for toolbar settings.

Collecting data: This toolbar is created for the initial collection of different data, such as collecting keywords from Google Keyword Planner, search suggestions, statistics from Google Analytics, and etc.

Data: This toolbar contains tools, which allow you to do such work with existing data as making group search, selective data cleaning, filtration, grouping, and analyzing.

Let’s go further down.

On the left-hand side, you can see the main work area, where the key searches will be placed. On the right-hand side, you can operate the keyword groups. Keyword groups follow a hierarchy pattern. You can move or highlight them.

Key Collector - Keyword Research Tool

All data that you can see in the main work area can be filtered by creating various filters. The number of filter conditions is not limited. You can use different methods, such as contains/doesn’t contain, contains/doesn’t contain the entire word, starts with, ends with, and fulfills regular expressions. You can also set conditions for the number of words in the keyword search, which is very useful when looking for long tail keywords.

The impressive variety of KeyCollector features is hard to describe in just one article. So we advise you to try this tool in action. SEOtools Guru Team strongly recommends KeyCollector!

10 Total Score
Amazing tool for Keyword Clustering

KeyCollector is the most powerful tool for Keyword Research, Clustering and Grouping.

  • Great performance (KeyCollector works pretty fast even with hundreds of thousands of keywords), tonnes of options for keywords filtering, clustering and sorting, very powerful groups management feature, collects data through API.
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