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SEMrush is an SEO tool which has an incredible updated database. It is a highly competent tool, which engages with SEO in a way that adds value to your marketing strategies. With SEMrush, you get to know what your top performing competitors have been doing to outdo you. It gives you insights which can help you develop a profitable online marketing campaign. SEMrush helps in organic SEO in the following ways:

  • It makes it easier for one to find relevant keywords as it gives an idea of the keywords which have gained or lost, and which keywords have risen or fallen within a particular time frame.
  • SEMrush also makes competitive analysis much easier. You get a clear view of your ranking and your competitors’ ranking too.
  • Lastly, it gives you insights on the growth of your competitors in organic search. The tool also shows you how you rank, what you are required to pay and the status of your search volume.

Features of SEMrush

SEMrush gives you an opportunity to design your advertising strategies while tracking your competitors at the same time. Here are the benefits of SEMrush which are divided into three categories:

  • Projects – you can easily get your competitors’ insights through the global campaign. That is their rankings and keywords amongst others.
  • Analytic reports – these help you understand which strategies your competitors have put in place.
  • Tools – helps you to do a detailed analysis of the domains and keywords of your competitors.

Organic research

When trying to reach your target audience using organic search engines, the keywords you use are very crucial. Organic research helps you get the keywords that can assist you to improve your search engine ranking. In addition to that, you can know your competitor’s content strategy that you did not know earlier.

SEMrush Competitive Positioning Map helps you to know your ranking against all your competitors. With this feature, you have a direct comparison of the top 20 in Google’s or Bing’s search results.

You can also get a detailed report of your domain position change and also your competitors’ using the SEMrush Position change Report. Through this, you can fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign strategies.

Advertising research

This feature helps you to get the maximum ROI from your PPC campaign. With the tool, you can access valuable data on your competitors’ PPC campaigns like their budget, campaign activities and their keywords. This data helps you to improve your campaign and achieve the maximum ROI, and thus, you save time and money, and most importantly, avoid making certain mistakes. It relieves you from spending money on a campaign which gives you no or very little return.

Advertising research also enables you to get the top ranking keywords including the best ones used by your competitors. Besides, you get to know how long an ad has been running, and this gives you a better outline of your performance.

Paid ads are very expensive, and that is a fact. That’s why you have to know who your competitors are for you to surpass them. SEMrush gives you a list of domain’s competitors, keyword estimates and paid traffic, and the amount your competitors are spending on ads.

Display advertising

Google’s display ad network houses over a million websites. This makes it very hard to bid for impressions. However, with SEMrush Top 30 report you can see the best-performing advertisers’ sites together with their landing pages, texts, media ads and how many ads they have used.

Therefore, display advertising will assist you to easily analyze your competitors’ ads as well as other top ads. You can get insights on how many impressions were given to every ad and the display ratio between the media ads to text ads. These insights give you a detailed knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

SEMrush AdSense Publishers Report also helps you to discover where exactly your competitors are advertising. You can then select the highest performing placement and utilize it to your advantage

Lastly, display advertising gives you insights on how statistics change according to the devices being used by the target audience to view your ads.

Backlink checker

The quality of the backlinks determines how the links perform. Thus, SEMrush backlink checker helps you to conduct an analysis to determine the links directed towards your website. With the backlink checker, it is possible to track all the incoming links. This feature also allows you to compare your competitors’ domains.

The report you get from the comparison helps you to improve the quality of the backlink and also discover new referral traffic sources. With the backlink checker, you can also do the following:

  • Differentiate genuine or spam backlinks.
  • Check for .gov or .edu links which help to boost your website in SERPs.
  • Determine where your competitors get their strong backlinks.
  • Identify the form of the backlinks you receive; that is, whether they are images, forms or texts.
  • Receive the unique IP addresses of your backlinks. This helps you to know from which location you have been referred.

Paid keyword research

This feature gives you keywords which have been tried and tested. These keywords can help you to boost your website rankings in Google and Bing. Paid keyword research also helps you get the value of these keywords in both paid and organic search. Additionally, it helps you know the top competitors using them on their landing pages.

SEMrush pricing plans

SEMrush is extremely pocket-friendly, and it offers a free trial before you can purchase it. The pricing model goes as follows:

Pro plan, which costs $69.95 per month although you can choose to pay $699.40 annually. This can save you up to $140. The Pro plan gives you the following:

  • 5 projects
  • 500 keywords to track
  • 3,000 reports per day
  • 10,000 results per report
  • 100,000 pages to crawl

Next, is the Guru plan which costs $149.95 per month, and you can also pay an annual subscription of $1,499.40 per year and save up to $300. This plan gives you:

  • 50 projects
  • 1,500 keywords to track
  • 5,000 reports per day
  • 30,000 results per report
  • 300,000 pages to crawl
  • Branded PD reports and historical data
  • 20 scheduled PDF reports

Lastly, there is the Business plan which goes for $549 per month. You can also pay $5,499.40 annually which can save you $1,100 per year. Business plan gives you:

  • Unlimited Projects
  • 10,000 reports per day
  • 6000 keywords to track for all users
  • 50,000 results per report for each of 4 users
  • 1,200,000 Pages to crawl for all users
  • 50 Scheduled PDF reports
  • Access to SEMrush API
  • Branded PDF reports, Historical data, PLAs and Multi-user Management
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